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The National Hockey League changes constantly. This upcoming season will add many new things to the league, the biggest thing being the addition to the 31st team, the Vegas Golden Knights. Today, the NHL gives all 31 teams new jerseys. Not only are they new jerseys, but they are going to be manufactured by a new company, Adidas, a change from the Reebok jerseys that were first brought in back in 2004.

One thing about the jerseys that will change about the jerseys isn’t just the look and feel of them, but the amount of them as well. In the past, teams have had the darker home jerseys, lighter away jerseys, and an alternate jersey that teams would wear on occasion. For the 2017-18 season and the foreseeable future, Adidas will only supply the home and away jerseys.

Without further ado, here are the new jerseys. (The four following photos come from

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 8.27.28 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-20 at 8.27.35 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-20 at 8.27.41 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-20 at 8.27.47 PM

From the outside look, nothing really changed for the Bruins. The sweaters appear to look identical to the old ones from the front, however, we have not seen the back of the sweaters quite yet. For the players though, a lot of changes come their way.

The new ADIZERO jerseys bring along a new, lightweight construction that could speed up the game. The complete weight of the jerseys is 19% lighter than the previous designs including a 46% lighter crest on the front of the sweater.

The new sweaters will also deliver more breathability creating a cooler fit. Not to mention a much stronger material, in both burst testing and in abrasion testing. Below is the full change courtesy of

“At the forefront of innovation, design and craftsmanship, the new ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey takes the hockey uniform system and hockey jersey silhouette to the next level by redefining fit, feel and lightweight construction.
•           Lighter – Featuring new cresting materials and construction technology, the ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey reduces crest weight by up to 46%, while a single layer perforated numbering system reduces number weight by up to 60%, in order to deliver a new jersey that is up to 19% lighter when compared to the current NHL Jersey.
•           Cooler – The ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey features adidas Clima® technology in each of the jersey fabrics to deliver breathability and enhanced performance. Combining moisture management technology and a streamlined silhouette to maximize air flow circulation with materials that are up to 133% more permeable than fabrics currently used on ice allows athletes to be cooler.
•           Stronger – Constructed for durability, the ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey fabrics are up to 27% stronger in burst testing and up to 72% tougher in abrasion testing compared to the current NHL jersey.”

Should Adidas have made more changes? Or is the previous design and style the preferred option?

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